2017 Sponsorships Available

We are seeking full or partial sponsorship for our throwback movies and live events.  Your contribution helps us offer free throwbacks and budget friendly live events.  Individual, organization, or business may be sponsors and any dollar amount may be pledged as your generosity is much appreciated.

Donors will be mentioned each time the movie is announced from stage and on our sponsorship digital board, coming to the lobby soon.


Summer Movie Series

  • Ice Age: Collison Course, value $300
  • Monster Trucks, value $300

Throwback Series

  • Back to the Future, partial value $50
  • Patriots Day, partial value $200
  • Night of the Living Dead, partial value $250
  • Casper, value $300
  • Hop, value $300

Owen County Public Library Movie Series

  • Fly Away Home, partial value $250
  • The Secret of Nimh, value $300
  • Anastasia, value $300
  • A League of Their Own, partial value $50
  • The Iron Giant, value $300

Holiday Movie Series

  • Jingle All the Way, partial value $250

Live Events

  • Lloyd Wood Band, value $1000
  • Blues Revue Band, partial value $2000
  • Street Dance Band (TBA), partial value $150
  • Bloomington Symphony Orchestra, partial value $2400
  • Duke Tumatoe, partial value $1700

Other Ways to Contribute to the Tivoli

  • Candy Sponsor, $50 per month.  Your name will be listed in the concession with your candy selection as the sponsor of the month.
  • Door Prizes for first run children movies, $25.  During each show time of the first run children movies 5 raffle tickets are drawn for children to win prizes.
  • New Youth Booster Seats, $10.  We are seeks donations toward new youth booster seats that can easily be organized at the back of the Tivoli.  Estimated cost of 35 booster seats is $600.
  • General donation.  We always accept generous donations of any dollar amounts.

Advertise in our 2017-2018 Schedule Flyer.  Approximately 5000 flyers will be printed for the 2017-2018 season.

  • Wide Skyscraper Ad, 2×4.75 in – $20
  • Large Ad, 3.5×4.75 in – $30
  • Banner Ad, 5.5×2 in – $25
  • Square Ad, 1.75×1.75 in $15

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