Private Auditorium Movie Rentals

Your movie.
Your Guest.
Your Schedule.

Choose the perfect rental


two or three hours in the auditorium


private balcony rental


four hours in the viqueseny meeting room

give the gift of a rental

We are offering a Gift Certificate with our discounted venue rates. Gift certificates are redeemable within one (1) year. The same regulations regarding renting the Theatre apply to the gift certificates.

your guest list

Invite your friends and family for a private movie showing. Seating is limited to the Owen County Covid restrictions at the time of your rental. Currently due to lack of volunteers rentals are restricted to a max of 50 guest.

your movie choice

Bring your own DVD or Blu-Ray or choose a movie from our collection. A double feature is considered two bookings and is limited to schedule availability.

Your schedule

We have bookings available during the week and limited booking for the weekends. We are closed on Mondays.


Can I use this rental for other ACTIVITIES?

This deal is only good for movie rentals in the auditorium.  Contact Andrea for other event rental costs.

What rooms are included?

This is for the auditorium only.  The balcony, meeting room, and stage are NOT included in your rental.

Do we have to wear masks?

Yes, masks are required while in the concession, lobby, and restrooms.  Masks may be removed while seated.

Can I bring in outside food?

Outside food is acceptable, but please keep in mind how messy it might be and that your rental time is for a limited time.

Can I bring my pet?

No, pets are not allowed in the Tivoli. Service animals MUST have documention.

Safety First

Please do not run in the theater or venture onto the stage. The exit stair areas are for emergency exiting only and should not be played on.


  1. Masks are required in common areas like concessions and lobby area. Masks may be removed when seated and enjoying concessions.
  2. Temperature checks may be taken at the door, at the Tivoli staff’s discretion.
  3. Hand Sanitizer Stations are available.
  4. Enhanced cleaning protocols are in place for our theatre.
  5. If you have been in contact with someone showing symptoms or having tested positive please consider cancelling your rental. I would rather refund cancellation than put our staff or volunteers at risk.

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