You can find information on renting the theater for a variety of different events and situations below.  If you are unsure of your needs or have any questions, please let us know!

Auditorium seating capacity: 288

Balcony capacity: 12

Viquesney Meeting Room capacity: 49



  • General rate: $250 for three (3) hours plus $25 each additional hour
  • Field Trip rate
    • $5 per person for DVD/Blu-ray movie, small popcorn and small drink
    • $3 per person for DVD/Blu-ray movie, no concessions
  • Additional fees
    • Movie license fee if showing to public, price varies with movie $100-$300
    • $5/$3 ticket pricing for first run movie showing offered to the public
    • Sound and/or Light Tech $10 per hour
    • Sound Equipment $20 per hour
    • Marquee $5


  • $75 during FREE movies
  • $150 during weekend movies
  • $225 during live events


  • General rate
    • $50 for two (2) hours
    • $80 for four (4) hours
  • Additional fees
    • Table cloths, $10 per table cloth
    • Projector, $10

WHOLE BUILDING, renting at least three (3) areas of the building is considered a whole building rental

  • $1500, weekend movie times adjustment
  • $750, weekend movie times not adjusted

for 501c3 rates contact the director

To request a rental please complete the sheet below and submit it to the director