Full Building Rental

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Building Rental Reservation Deposit – $300.00 Credit Card or Money Order Required


Building Rental – 8 hours – $1,500.00



Tables (30 x 60) Chairs
Patsy Powell Green Room Two Dressing Rooms
Kitchen Drop Screen
Set up and Tear Down Rehearsal – Lights only
Tech Rehearsal – sound & lights &nbsp


Additional Fees

Event Manager $25.00 per hour Stage Manager $15.00 per hour
Light Tech $15.00 per hour per light source Sound Tech $15.00 per hour
Hand Held Mics (8) $10.00 each per event Wireless Mics (2) $10.00 each per event
Lapel Mics (2) $10.00 each per event Spot Light $35.00 per event
Projection $75.00 per event Viquesney $50.00 per hour


Contract: The conditions of usage of The Tivoli Theatre are governed by the Contract document.


Liability: The Board shall require the Lessee to assume all liability for injury to individuals by reason of rental of venue and indemnify and hold harmless the Board from any loss or damage thereby.


Decorating Policy: Please remember you will need to incorporate decorating into your rental time. Any use of candles must be preapproved by the Executive Director. Glitter, confetti, rose petals, etc are prohibited.


Nothing is to be hung on walls without prior approval. NO TAPE IS TO BE USED IN THE FACILITY.


Conditions of Renting:

1. Lessee will check in with the office before beginning their setup/decorating

2. No smoking shall be permitted inside the Facility

3. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the Theatre unless approved by the Director

4. Lessee is responsible for any and all damages to the leased areas during the rental period.

5. The Tivoli is not responsible for any lost or stolen property.

6. The Tivoli is not responsible for accidents or injuries sustained by Lessee, its employees, patrons, or anyone else using the leased prosperities’ during the function being held.

7. If lessee has employees working during the function, lessee must provide proof of Worker’s Compensation Insurance on those employees to the Tivoli

8. Use of premises shall not be a nuisance nor disrupt or interfere with other uses in the Tivoli or its neighbors.

9. Lessee is responsible the cleanliness of the premises and removal of trash to the dumpsters upon conclusion of the event.


Payment and Cancellation Policy:

Reservation Fee must be received when contract is signed. Payment of the estimate must be received one (1) week prior to the date of the event. The reservation fee will be returned or additional rental fees will be billed within two (2) weeks of the event. Reservations may be cancelled with a full refund if done so in person or in writing four (4) weeks prior to the event. If cancellation is less than four (4) weeks prior to the event, the Tivoli Theatre retains the Reservation Fee.